Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center

Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center

Mr. Bruce A. Busler, DAC

Mr. Bruce A. Busler, SES


Mr. Bruce Busler, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the Director of the Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center (TCAC/JDPAC), U.S. Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

Col. David M. Quick

David M. Quick


Col. David M. Quick is the Deputy Director of the Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center (TCAC/JDPAC), U.S. Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.


To Provide Analysis and Engineering Support to Improve the Nation's Ability to Move and Sustain the Joint Force and Operate the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE)

Divisions & Branches

Futures/Transformation (TCAC-F)

Explore concepts and advanced technologies shaping future distribution operations. Develop change management and evaluate commercial concepts. Support the J5/4 Science and Technology Program to include Advanced Concept/Joint Capability Technical Demonstrations. Cultivate relationships with the Research and Development communities, industry and academia.

Distribution Infrastructure (TCAC-I)

Provide global distribution network and engineering assessments. Acquire, validate, maintain and assess geospatial information system data on distribution networks and nodal facilities. Provide TCJ3 with distribution network capacity in support of global operations.

Operations Support (TCAC-O)

Conduct operational analysis in support of the DPO, Joint Staff and Combatant Commands. Perform global distribution performance assessments. Provide deployability analysis in support of theater transportation plans. Support adaptive contingency planning. Support analysis of established Integrated Distribution Lane metrics. Monitor, analyze, design and help implement JDDE solutions.

Programmatics (TCAC-P)

Conduct global infrastructure sufficiency analysis and throughput capability analysis. Manage Joint distribution rules, tools and process analysis. Ensure the capability to conduct strategic studies to include Operational Assessment and recurring Mobility Capability and Requirements Study. Maintain the capability to provide Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System focused efforts.

Systems and Data Management (TCAC-S)

Provide general information management and technology support. Develop, maintain and/or interface with JDDE models, simulations and decision support tools. Assist TCJ6 in developing and maintaining a JDDE knowledge management system. Collect and maintain JDDE data.