Command Organization

Directorate of Acquisition

Gail Jorgenson

Gail Jorgenson

SES, Director

Mrs. Gail Jorgenson, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the director, Acquisition (TCAQ), U.S. Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.


A world-class acquisition workforce partnering with industry and customers to develop and execute innovative acquisition solutions supporting the Command's full-spectrum, deployment and distribution mission.

Divisions & Branches

International Charters (TCAQ-C)

Provide procurement and worldwide administration of international and domestic commercial charter and less than planeload airlift services for Department of Defense (DoD) customers. This division executes DoD’s international Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program and scheduled services air cargo contracts.  Contracts require commercial carriers to be CRAF participants, Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) approved, and Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) 121 certificated with 12 months of continuous service equivalent to the service sought by the DoD.

Major Programs/Initiatives:  Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) /CENTCOM Theatre Express (Palletized, roll-on/off cargo)/World Wide Express (Maximum 300 pound small packages)/CAT A (Full and less-than-full pallet shipments)/Perishables (DecA/Defense Logistics Agency Fresh fruits/vegetables)

Distribution Process Owner (DPO) Support (TCAQ-D)

Provide responsive, flexible contracting support for USTRANSCOM DPO initiatives and Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) National Level Transportation System requirements.  Support includes, but is not limited to, commercial and non-commercial software development and related support services; Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS), management support services, ancillary support services; classified and unclassified network support, and R&D.

Major Programs:  Agile Transportation for the 21st Century (AT21), Integrated Booking System (IBS), Global Freight Management (GFM), Defense Personal Property System (DPS), Enterprise Support Services (ESS), System Response Call Center, Total Supply Chain Process Improvement, Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center (JDPAC), Program Management Office (PMO) Support, Corporate Services Support (CSS), Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES) and Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Support.

International Scheduled Services (TCAQ-I)

Mission Statement:  Business advisor and procurement of sealift inter-modal ocean transportation services in supporting DOD’s peace and wartime movement of cargo worldwide.  North American Industrial Classification for these contracts is 483211.

Major Programs: Universal Services Contract (USC) - Northern Distribution Network Ports/PakGLOC Port
Regional and Domestic Contract (RDC) - Movement of DOD’s domestic ocean shipments between the mainland and Alaska
Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement (VISA) – contingency contracts, dry time contracts/Domestic Dedicated Barge Transportation services/Antigua/Ascension Islands/Azores Sealift/Guantanamo Bay Sealift Services

Program Management (TCAQ-M)

Provide expertise on acquisition program management policies, procedures, and strategies to the Commander, staff and components.

Business Support/Policy (TCAQ-P)

Provide expertise on acquisition policies, procedures and strategies across the DPO. Ensures USTRANSCOM maintains the highest ethical procurement standards while achieving world class, global warfighter support.

Specialized Transportation and Support Division (TCAQ-R)

Provide a center of excellence for specialized transportation and support programs; serve as Command focal point for Regional/Domestic Transportation Services and contracting issues.

Major Programs: Defense Transportation Coordination Initiative (DTCI)
Surface Transportation Contracts (STC) - Continental United States (CONUS)
Advanced Traceability and Control (ATAC)
Defense Logistics Agency Surface Small Package (SSP)

USTRANSCOM Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP)

Provide advice and counsel to the Commander on small business matters. Assist in developing strategies to ensure maximum participation and opportunities for small business concerns.