Command Organization


CAPT David H. McAllister, USN

David H. McAllister


CAPT David H. McAllister is the Director of Intelligence (TCJ2), U.S. Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base IL.


Identify and assess threats to global inter-modal operations and orchestrate production and dissemination of comprehensive transportation intelligence on seaports, airfields, and connecting surface networks.

Divisions & Branches

Intelligence Operations (TCJ2-O)

Performs long term transportation intelligence and threat analysis.

Intelligence Plans & Programs (TCJ2-P)

Manages intelligence plans, policy, and programs.

Current Intelligence (TCJ2-W)

Serves as JIOC-TRANS' "eyes and ears," providing critical indications and warning to command and components.

Counterintelligence and HUMINT (TCJ2-X)

Conducts counterintelligence and human intelligence operations, investigations, collections, and analysis.