Command Organization

Command, Control, Communications & Cyber Systems

Brigadier General Mitchel H Butikofer, USAF

Mitchel H Butikofer

Brig. Gen., USAF

Brig. Gen. Mitchel H Butikofer is the director, Command, Control, Communications and Cyber Systems (TCJ6), U.S. Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.


The directorate is responsible for long-range planning, policy guidance, direction, technical control, and program management for projects involving the development and implementation of major transportation management systems Department of Defense (DOD)-wide.

Divisions & Branches

DISA-FO (Field Office) (DISA-FO)

The DISA USTRANSCOM Field Office brings efficiencies and effectiveness by leveraging DISA products and services in support of USTRANSCOM's deployment and distribution mission. As an advocate for DISA and USTRANSCOM, our primary goal is to help each further their mission in support of the warfighter. The Field Office is a force-multiplier by providing expertise closely integrated into USTRANSCOM staff and processes. Acting as the direct representative of the DISA Director, the Field Office is the focal point for DISA activities to USTRANSCOM.

Cyber Systems Testing & Control Lab (TCJ6-C)

Provide a Robust and Secure, State-of-the-Art, Software and Hardware Test and Development Environment for the USTRANSCOM Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise.

Cyber Operations and Readiness Division (TCJ6-O)

The Cyber Operations and Readiness Division, TCJ6-O, is responsible for operating, managing, and defending the command's Global Communications and Information Systems.

Cyber Program Engineering & Support Office (TCJ6-P)

The Program Engineering and Information Technology Division serves as the Chief Engineer for USTRANSCOM. Provides systems, database, integration, and security engineering services for the PMO, PEO, and PEO staff. Provides Test and Evaluation, Configuration Management, and technical support to USTRANSCOM programs; evaluates and engineers IT solutions for enterprise requirements; ensures technical solutions comply with Chief Information Officer (CIO), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), Title 40, and Privacy Act requirements.

Cyber Requirements & Resource Management Division (TCJ6-R)

Shape and integrate an enhanced capability to centrally collect and analyze J6 requirements, evaluate and execute resources examining ROI where applicable and optimizing projects through time, cost and performance.

Cyber Strategy & CIO Support Division (TCJ6-S)

Develops strategic guidance for the integration and alignment of information technology across USTRANSCOM and its components, as well as to align USTRANSCOM with other combatant commands, Services, DOD agencies and governmental / commercial partners. Guides and influences the development of IT systems, programs and initiatives through strategic planning, policy and compliance, Enterprise Architecture and Data Management. Leads transformational, conceptual efforts to guide the delivery of service-oriented IT capabilities. Serves as the Chief Architect, representative and facilitator of the Defense Transportation Electronic Business (DTEB) Committee.

Chief Technical Officer (TCJ6-T)

The Chief Technical Officer serves as the USTRANSCOM Information Technology technical authority and senior professional communications civilian advisor, consultant, and integrator. Responsible for the information technology modernization of the Corporate Services Vision (CSV) associated with the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE). Also, serves as the technology liaison between senior leaders across USTRANSCOM, DOD, Joint Staff, the military services, federal government agencies, academia, and commercial industry partners.