Command Organization

Command Surgeon

Col David M. O'Brien, USAF

Col David M. O'Brien


Col. (Dr.) David M. O'Brien is the Command Surgeon (TCSG), U.S. Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

CAPT David R. Street, USN

David R. Street


Capt. David R. Street is the Deputy Command Surgeon (TCSG), U.S. Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.


The Command Surgeon's Office, in addition to providing normal Headquarters staff functions, serves as DOD's single manager for the development of policy and standardization of procedures and information support systems for global patient movement.

Divisions & Branches

Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center - Americas (TPMRC-A)

TPMRC-A provides global oversight and synchronization of patient movement during wartime, peacetime and contingency operations; facilitates safe, effective and expeditious patient movement for NORTHCOM and SOUTHCOM by providing medical regulating services, clinical and administrative validation, in transit visibility, and deployable patient movement enablers.

TRANSCOM Regulating And Command & Control Evacuation System (TRAC2ES)

Provide automated capabilities to support patient movement Command and Control (C2), including Patient/Asset Visibility (P/AV). P/AV encompasses In-transit Visibility (ITV), as well as management of lift-bed resources and collaborative decision support for Patient Movement Requests (PMRs) and mission execution within (intra) and between (inter) theaters, commanded by geographic Commanders.